Roast me, sketchyCrab!

What is this?
  • Once a week, I will pick one submission and draw the unlucky winner as a hideous freak.
  • The result will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • The winner will also receive an email with a super high resolution version they can print or do whatever with. Potential uses include:
    • Replace your face in beloved family photos.
    • Staple it to a pillow to combat nighttime loneliness.
    • Put it on a sign in your front yard to scare off animals and small children.
Why are you doing it?
  • I have been receiving a ton of requests for roasts. People apparently hate feeling good about themselves.
  • Unfortunately, I can’t get to them all.
  • I’m not interested in charging money for the drawings.
  • And the secret selfish reason: My website is new and I’m hoping this will help spread the word.
How can I get roasted?
  • Fill out the information below.
  • Pray to all the gods, old and new.
  • Keep an eye on my social sites and your email to see if your self-esteem has been crushed.

Want the chance to get roasted? Fill out the info below.